HDPLEX 500W GaN AIO ATX Power Supply

The HDPLEX 500W GaN AIO(All-In-One) ATX Power Supply is using cutting-edge GaN (GALLIUM NITRIDE) Technology.

The HDPLEX 500W GaN ATX PSU Dimension is 40*55*200mm. The smallest 500W ATX PSU on the market right now. It would be a prefect match for SFF PC case.

The HDPLEX 500W GaN ATX PSU has full aluminum alloy body which could quickly dissipate heat. It has silent low speed 12V 40mm fan which is controlled by temperature sensor and triggered at >60°C.

The HDPLEX 500W GaN ATX PSU has achieved 1.13W/cm³ super high power density, effectively breaking 1W/cm³ barrier thanks to its cutting edge GaN chip and highly efficient LLC+PFC structure.

The HDPLEX 500W GaN ATX PSU not only supports modular ATX output but supports sync with a second HDPLEX 250W/500W GaN ATX PSU via a sync cable (included in the package). Two HDPLEX 500W GaN ATX power supplies synced together can form a powerful 1000W ATX PSU. The first 500W GaN can power the motherboard and CPU while the second one could power the GPU card.

HPDLEX 500W GaN ATX PSU comes with 8PIN to dual 4+4PIN CPU EPS cable and supports motherboard which has two CPU EPS connectors. HDPLEX 500W GaN also supports detachable C14 and C6 AC Plug via standard molex connector.

HDPLEX 500W GaN ATX PSU uses advanced PFC+LLC structure, achieve 94% efficiency at full load while satisfy Level V Energy Efficiency standard. The PFC stage utlizes two automotive-grade Innoscience GaN FET and LLC stage also utlizes two automotive-grade GaNext GaN FET. HDPLEX 500W GaN uses four ShinDengen D25X Rectifier bridge chips for full-wave rectification and guarantee stable current for the output stage. 1% Resistor to ensure no deviation for every key point in the chain .

HDPLEX 500W GaN ATX PSU Dimension:200.2mm x 55mm x 40mm (LxWxH)

HDPLEX 500W GaN ATX PSU offers three groups of back mounting holes. The spacing 122.3cm*43.3mm is the same as HDPLEX 400W DCATX. The spacing 144cm*33.3mm is the same as HDPLEX 200W ACDC and HDPLEX 400W ACDC. SFF case supports HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX or 200W/400W ACDC mounting automatically supports HDPLEX 500W GaN ATX mounting.

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HDPLEX 500W GaN AIO ATX Power Supply

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Technical Specifications

Wattage: 500W (94% Efficiency).

Input Voltage: 90V-264V 50/60hz

Idle Power: <0.4W/0.1W


GaN All-In-One ATX Power Supply

Smallest 500W ATX PSU in the World!

Temperature Controlled Silent 12V Low Speed Fan

PFC+LLC Structure, Level 5 Energy Efficiency

Two Auto Grade GaN FETs on PFC Stage and Two on LLC Stage

1.13W/cm³ Super High Power Density

Support Sync with a Second Unit

Aluminum shell casing working with HDPLEX fanless PC chassis to dissipate heat

4 Layer 2oz Copper PCB for high current and fast heat disspation

Three Stage AC Input Filter Eliminate Grid Noise

Unibody Flat transformer eliminates noise caused by vibration.

High Precision 1% Resistor

Four ShinDengen D25X Rectifier

150µF Rubycon filter CAP and 9000µF Solid Cap


OCP Set at 120% of Rated Output

Fully Modular ATX Output

Detachable C14 IEC Connector AC connector MOLEX 39014031 C505006 Pitch 4.2m:flexible to support other AC input for custom project

Size: 200.2(D) x 55 (W) x40 (H) mm, Weight: 640gram/23 oz,

HDPLEX 500W GaN AIO ATX PSU 3D Engineer Drawing (STP) Download Here

Operating Temperature: -10°C - 75°C

AC Input 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSb
MAX Output Current 15A 15A 40A 1A 5A
MAX Combined Power 100W
Total Power 500W(600W Peak)


Molex Part Number for HDPLEX 500W GaN

24PIN ATX Connector
Molex PART NUMBER: 462071024 SERIES NUMBER: 46207

4PIN SATA Connector
Molex PART NUMBER: 462071004

8PIN CPU EPS Connector
Molex PART NUMBER: 462071008

8PIN Red PCIE Connector
This part does not have a Molex part number.
The closest Molex Connector would be this but it is not vertical.
Molex PART NUMBER: 455860005 SERIES NUMBER: 45586
HDPLEX part number is CS-1150-08BRT(0091) CAD drawing for this PCIE PCB RED Header download here.

AC Cable Female 3PIN Connector
PART NUMBER: 1726460312

AC Cable Male 3PIN Connector. Color should be Black.
Molex PART NUMBER: 39014030

Package Content

1 x HDPLEX 500W GaN All-In-One ATX PSU

1 x IEC C14 AC- Molex Connectors Cable (20cm)

1 x IEC C6 AC- Molex Connectors Cable (20cm)

1 x 24PIN (20+4PIN) ATX PSU (25cm)

1 x CPU EPS 8PIN to Dual (4+4PIN) Head Cable (45cm)

1 x PCIE with Red Connector with Dual 8PIN (6+2PIN) Cable (45cm)

1 x SATA 4PIN Power Cable with Four SATA Power Connector (45cm)

1 x Sync Cable (45cm)

HDPLEX 500W GaN AIO ATX Power Supply

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